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Spoken English


Spoken English Course Length And Contents

Speak English makes you a good, confident English speaker in 2 months.
You practice speaking and conversation, error proof your grammar and pronunciation, remove mother tongue influence 1-to-1 with your personal trainer. Designed by IIT IIM alumni, Speak English is the #1 English course guaranteed to make you a great English speaker.
Join thousands of students changing their lives with Speak English everyday.
Speak English builds your English fluency skills from four different angles:

Speaking : Story telling, narration, arguments, summarising, descriptions.
Conversation : Listening comprehension, dialogue, role plays, discussions.
Grammar : Subject verb agreement, Tenses, conditionals, modals, gerunds, prepositions, articles, irregular verbs
Vocabulary : Words and word forms, phrases, idioms, synonyms, antonyms,
Pronunciation : Phonetics, diction, accent, voice training
Your personal trainer will teach you at your speed, removing your difficulties and errors and build your confidence so that you can speak English in front of anyone.