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The 100% effective method to learn spoken English

Course Details

Course Contents

Live classes per month: 20 minutes one to one, Monday to Friday.

Live class activity: Conversation, discussion, role play, interview. Error correction. Grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation building.

Study material and Audio lessons: Read, listen and build your grammar and vocabulary.

Pronunciation: Through practice and correction

Accent: Neutral Indian accent

Course Features

Spoken Class activity: Conversation, discussion, role play, interview

Classes from Monday to Friday

Class Timing: You decide (8 am to 9 pm)

Class size: You and trainer

Duration: 3 months (you may choose to practice longer)

Spoken Grammar study: Through speaking activities + audio book + pdf book

Vocabulary: Through study sheets and activities + audio book + pdf book

Spoken English over Mobile – you can learn English anywhere now!

  • The most scientific spoken English training program – based on CEFR guidelines
  • 10 times more spoken English practice – fastest learning for you
  • On the spot spoken English feedback – improve your grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary
  • Your peers are doing it – MNCs, Govt offices, IITs, College students
  • 85% of our students renew the program
  • You get the best spoken English trainers from all over India, not just your city
  • Get spoken English practice as per your schedule – choose your own class timing
  • Don’t miss a single class – even when busy or travelling